Eid Al-Adha @ JayBee

Last Tues 16 Nov, all of us made our move to JB after a sumptuous Raya dinner at Mama’s place di Bukit Jelutong. We started our journey at 10.30pm and reached JB at 3.30am. Long drive indeed sebab traffic jam – all is taking the opportunity to go balik kampung for the Raya Haji celebration.

So the Raya Haji went as expected. Pak Lambak korban-ed a cow and as usual I was one of the guys that helped with the ‘necessary’. Melapah is not 1 of my talents. So pak mertua ku did most of that with abang Pit; a family friend. The melapah session was attended mostly by Pak Lambak’s son’s. Aku tolong at the packaging area. Hahahah.

On Thursday, the kids and I with Shasha keluar cari barang and stuff plus ‘pistol’ utk Aiman, Izahin and Aisya. Asyik berebut pistol aje and 1 end up crying not getting to play with the pistol, aku belik sekali tiga. Tembak la korang puas2! Tak cukup lagi 30 aku boleh beli ehem ehem.. Mcm arwah Ahmad Nisfu use to say.. Hahaha that night we all went out to Orkid Steamboat restaurant at Taman Daya JB. They offer a RM18 buffet all you can eat setup. Good deal indeed as we ate for I can’t remember how long but it was plenty of eating night that time. Kenyang siut! Must go if you’re in JB. I fully recommend.

Friday pulak was lite and easy. Man with family and mine went to Mak Tijah’s place – ziarah time Raya Haji ni. Makan toksah cakap la. Tak pernah putus suap. We left for Tebrau City in search of Creme Brule drink at about 6pm. Traffic was bad as it was rainy and after office hour. Dekat sejam jugak la aku drive. Sampai sana, we drank, ate and enjoyed ourselves at the arcade at the place. Sakit pinggang siut main basket ball shoot kat situ lelama. I’m getting old.. Sigh.

Saturday is a half day as we need to leave for Shah Alam at about noon. That morning Uda took us for good breakfast at Hwa Mui Kopitiam at Jalan Dhoby. Sedap yarabbi.. Again, another place I would definitely recommend. Unfortunately its not a midnight lepak place as they only operate up to 6pm daily. But if you’re an early bird, give it a go whenever you’re in JB.

Pictures? I upload them once I reach Shah Alam today insya’Allah. Got some good ones and some of them are taken by Aisya herself! Dasyat..

Fariz Ramli
Kg Melayu Majidee, 20 Nov 2010 @ 13:45.

My backup photographerMy backup photographer

Aisya with her usual pose at Tok Ayah's placeAisya with her usual pose at Tok Ayah’s place

Aiman racing against time at Tebrau City ArcadeAiman racing against time at Tebrau City Arcade

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Aisya Ballet Session

14 August 2010

It was my first experience sending Aisya to her ballet session at Studio 18. This is her 2nd class. I was away attending the “Herman & Awan Model Shoot” outing at Lake Garden during Aisya’s first session. So this time I made it a point to be in Aisya’s class so that I can shoot her practicing.

To my surprise, there’s quite a number of turn up. And the kids are genuinely interested in ballet. I thought its just a thing that you send your kids to have fun for an hour and then go back as if sending them to a playground. But in actual fact, its sort of an exercise, discipline and focus involve in the routine. If you ask me, I wouldn’t last half an hour in the class given the choice to participate. No sir, not me.

We arrive at the studio bout 10 minutes before Aisya’s session starts. Before she went in, they need to put on their little ballet shoes and then they’re off to the dancing floor picking up all the things that the instructor teaches.

I on the other hand, wink at the teacher and got my self a spot at the far end of the dance floor and started shooting the lovely little angels. Try pointing your toes most of the time and see how it feels. Sorry, not my kind of stuff but Aisya really love it. I guess my daughter is out right different from what I love to do.

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Herman & Awan Photo Outing @ Lake Garden

7 Aug 2010 – Saturday,

I think I can safely say this is the last photoshoot event I wanted to go before Ramadhan comes. Tojoe and I were very excited to join in this event as Tojoe is very new to photography and recently took up interest in it. Both of us got to know about the event when Awan posted this on FB. The number of turn ups confirmed in the FB site was about 200 over head counts but in actual fact, the number was 50% lesser. Its a good thing also. Can’t imagine how the rotation would be like if all 200 over had turned up that day.

So were we asked to line up in groups of 10 men. And Awan then assigned a model to each group. We got the lovely Ais Rashid, a professional model I would say. And we were lucky to have Nasrul to join us for the rest of the shoot after the grouping settled. During this outing, manage to gain new inputs from brother Nasrul – a fellow photo enthusiast who had been in the field for quite a number of years (A CIMB staff).

Some of my best photos capture during the event. Cheers!

Fariz Ramli

Napie Mokhsin and Me – Menunggu hujan turun. =)

Awan Setiawan and Me – While waiting for the group photo session.

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LHDNM Secretaries Weekend Outing @ “Good Widow”

Shasha had been planning this outing with her fellow officemates since 1 month ago. The place is at Janda Baik, Pahang (hence the topic “Good Widow” hehehe). The four of us started packing and preparing for the outing on Friday night. The kids were especially excited for this. We started our journey at noon (although we were told to rendezvous at R&R Genting Sempah at that time. Sure enough the coordinator knows how their friends make their moves, it was expected that all to arrive at the meeting point around 1pm- 1.30pm. Hahaha.. That includes us!

So we reached the location at about 2pm. The place is called the Meninjau Chalet. Friends and families arrived latest by 5pm that day and we all had fun at the sungai near by (and I do mean very near) our chalet followed by abundance of BBQ food with Karaoke and jokes with fellow friend. Enough said, see the photos to believe.

Zaharin & Mel Serenading us after the lovely dinner

Shima dan anaknya.

Basheer ensuring all is "well done" - Rasa macam dah kat Pasar Ramadhan pun ada.

Am not much of a cook, luckily these guys are!

Mmmmm... yum yum..

Nak masak juga katanya..


Fariz Ramli

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Il Divo – Passera (Live at the Greek)

Stumble upon this song while browsing YouTube. I cant really tell why but I’m sort of hooked to this song and cant seem to stop playing it for 10 times in a row now (am playing it again for the 11th time believe it or not..)Got to do something.. Maybe learn to sing it myself.. Passera Passera.. ahahahaha

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Aiman Afandy

Shah Alam, 20 December 2009

Hari ni aku memang free, so I decided to bring my kids to the park untuk release kan segala excessive energy yang tak terkeluar dari badan budak-budak tu. Tempat pilihan, padang kat depan Muzium Shah Alam at Seksyen 10 (or is it 11..). Anyway, aku kasi both Aiman & Aisya lari puas-puas kat situ sampai dada kembang kempis la keletihan. Aku and Shasha macam biasa la, duduk at 1 corner and starting taking photos of them in action. Got few pretty good ones. 1 of it made it to Pa&Ma magazine cover.. (joking..)


Fariz Ramli

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Fairoza & Fauzi

Kg. Sungai Kembung, Pulai Indah Klang – 12 December 2009

Aku dikenalkan kepada pasangan pengantin Fairoza and Fauzi oleh seorang mak andam yang baru aku kenali – Kak Lily. Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari Allah. Kak Lily memberi kepercayaan kepada aku untuk mengabadikan hari pernikahan pasangan pengantin ini hanya dengan 1 perjumpaan pada 1 petang yang mana aku sempat menunjukkan hasil kerja aku setakat ini.

Kak Lily memang seorang “business woman” – a risk taker. The higher the risk, the bigger the losses and the bigger the profit, either way. Although its a risk to Kak Lily, I’m all out to make it a difference to her. Alhamdulillah, bakat yang hanya sekerat yang ada pada aku ini, dapat aku hasilkan gambar-gambar pernikahan berikut. Aku belum tahu lagi apa kata-kata Kak Lily. Adakah dia akan terus memanggil aku untuk gambar-gambar pernikahan pelanggannya yang lain? Aku percaya pada rezeki Allah.. Insyallah..


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